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Gateway for Offline to Online(O2O) transactions

Case Studies of Friction Free Adoption

How does a busy petrol pump owner keeps an eye on the sales and expenses without going to the office every single day ?

FreshOrders developed a MobileApp module to key in all the data they used to write in the Daily Sales and Expense Reports...Read more

How does a white goods retain chain get the Daily Sales, Stock and Collections at the end of the day without a delay or without having to follow up?

FreshOrders provided mobile app to every branch manager. It just takes couple of minutes to enter the daily sales quantity.... Read more

How a leading Hospital Chain kept a close watch on the Drugs in their Pharmacies within the branches to contain / eliminate shrinkage / pilferage?

FreshOrders team came up with mobile app solution for Pharmacy Chain. They just type in drug name and key in the quantity and the rest is taken care.. Read more

How a Pharma and Consumer Goods Major Manages the Daily closing stock at the warehouse for their 1000+ SKUs?

FreshOrders team provided closing stock audit solution to the client. Read more

Sales Force Automation imperatives in India

In the context of around 95% of Trade is driven by General Trade or Mom-n-Pop outlets (and the balance 5% by Modern Trade or Organised Trade), Sales Force Automation is the ONLY way FMCG companies can operate efficiently – as it needs LISTING 120 Million Universe of Retail outlets out of which FMCG universe is 12 Million. Enormous amount of data in terms of on which outlet bought what items in each of 52 weeks over a period of 36 to 48 months can accurately predict market needs to plan production, supply chain management to ensure:

No short supplies of any item resulting in loss of sales

No excess inventory / expired goods resulting stock returns and losses.

Just in Time deliveries resulting in smart management of working capital.


Ready to Reimagine Sales?

Ready to Reimagine Sales?